Wearable Art


There are two sections this year with equal prize money.

1  Ensemble  complete outfit.
2  Accessories e.g. hat, bag, shoes, belt, cape, jacket, tie, gloves etc.

To help me display your work to its best advantage at the Festival, it would be appreciated if local artists could provide your own mannequin, dressmaking dummy, or head block if possible.  Most wearable art follows fashion elements of design to do with scale and proportion of the human body.  Your work must be original and not been shown here before.

Last year the entries were imaginative, amazing and inspiring.  The mediums chosen were toilet rolls, paper clips, bottle tops, beading, knitting, felting and recycled fabrics.  These were all awesomely constructed with great craftsmanship and finish.  Many textures, transparencies, bling, colours and patterns may be found, collected and given another life by the discerning craftsperson at our Op Shops.

We anticipate having a fashion parade. If you are unable to provide a model or model your own work, we request permission for the work to be worn by a local model.  Like you I also have a passion for clothes and dressing up so I can hardly wait to receive your accomplishments.

Please click here to download your 2018 entry form.

Michelle Phillip
Wearable Art Steward